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Electronic Locks For Hotels


VingCard Classic guestroom lock is the robust lock you have come to trust

VingCard's Classic guestroom locks have been carefully designed and engineered to our own exact standards, in order to provide the quality you need to secure your valuable property and guests. Operated with a highly reliable magnetic stripe- and/or a smartcard system, the VingCard Classic door lock offers a number of unique safety and operational features, yet they are exceptionally easy to operate and maintain. With over 15 years of proven performance in thousands of hotels throughout the world, VingCard's Classic guestroom locks continue to set the standards in the industry.

Classic electronic lock for hotel is available with both a magnetic stripe card reader and a optional dual magnetic-/smart card reader, using either 2100 PLUS or VISION electronic locking system.

  • High security lockset with a full 1-inch steel deadbolt, 3/4-inch anti-pick latch for added strength and 2 piece anti-friction latch.
  • High quality steel reinforced construction with solid brass handles.
  • Self lubrication long life bearings tested to withstand more than one million openings without visible sign of wear.
  • Full mortise ANSI and EURO lock case options.
  • Modular components for flexibility and easy maintenance.
  • Panic release - deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle.
  • 3-hour UL fire listed.
  • Powerful Flash Memory Technology allows the lock to be easily reprogrammed and upgraded on site without replacing expensive hardware or components.
  • 100 event audit trail stored in the lock.
  • Sealed electronics located on the inside of the door, enhance security and durability.
  • Automatic deadbolt option (ANSI version only).
  • Unique emergency Recodable Cylinder option for mechanical override.
  • Standard AA-battery-operated, stand-alone locks require no wiring.
  • Simple, reliable magnetic stripe card reader. Keycards read during removal, for maximum performance.
  • Flexible operation allows a selection of magnetic stripe only or a combination magnetic stripe/smart card reader. The reader can also process less expensive memory chip cards and/or more advanced processor cards.  more




VingCard Original hotel locks created an industry

The Original card lock series is based on the same high quality mechanical design and engineering as VingCard's most advanced electronic locks for hotels. However, the hotel lock system requires no software, front desk equipment or batteries. The pre-punched keycard system allows you to create various levels of access, including master levels and staff hotel access control.

  • No batteries, front desk equipment, wiring or PC required
  • Pre-punched keycards simplify front desk operations
  • Allows multiple levels of master access
  • Unique cylinder technology and fastening method for maximum security
  • Occupancy indicator for guest privacy
  • High security lockset with a full 1 steel deadbolt, 3/4 anti-pick latch for added strength and 2 piece anti-friction latch
  • High quality steel reinforced construction with solid brass handles
  • Self lubrication long life bearings tested to withstand over 1.2 million openings without visible sign of wear
  • Full mortise ANSI and EURO lock case options
  • Panic release - deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside lever handle
  • 3-hour UL fire rating
Locks re-coded in seconds

Guests are issued plastic keycards, while staff members still use conventional keys. The guest cards are pre-punched with one of over 4 billion possible combinations of holes, which match a corresponding code card in the guestroom lock. When a guest card is lost, the guestroom lock may be re-coded in seconds by inserting the new code card into a special coding unit in the lock. more





Signature RFID by VingCard: because contact-'less' sometimes is 'more'

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) unlocks today the future technology in electronic locking systems for hotels.

Signature RFID by Vingcard offers the latest Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology with the most flexible platform for future applications.

RFID Specifications:

  • 13,56MHz technology
  • Compatible with the following standards:
       - ISO 14.443A (MIFARE)
       - ISO 14.443B
       - ISO 15.693
  • Compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC) standards



  • Stand alone electronic lock with RFID technology. It is no longer needed to insert the keycard which improves the ease of use for your guests
  • Flexibility to work with many different RFID carriers, from low cost guest keycards, to long lasting staff keycards, wristbands and keyfobs.
  • Provide a new experience to your guests and enhance the image of your hotel.
  • Sealed components: better performance and ideal for outdoor use.
  • NFC technology compatible for secured cell phone applications.
  • Quick path from standard Signature to RFID reader technology by only replacing the reader unit and escutcheon.  more




Your Signature… Unique and personal. An identifying characteristic that sets you apart from everyone else.

Signature by VingCard, A new electronic lock that is unique and personal for your hotel design. An identifying characteristic that makes your electronic lock blend in with your hotel environment, regardless of style.

Hoteliers, architects, security experts and interior designers told us that design integrity is important. Therefore, electronic locks should blend in to the design of your hotel.

Guests told us that reliability and ease of use are important when entering their rooms. Therefore, Signature by VingCard is designed with human factors and ergonomics in mind.

Signature Trend by VingCard

‘Signature Trend by VingCard is especially suited for contemporary and modern hotel environments. It enhances the overall image of the corridor with the slim and discreet bezel which perfectly blends into the door, creating a pleasing and retrained image.

Signature Décor by VingCard

'Signature Décor by VingCard has been designed with the classic and decorative hotel styles in mind. With its elegant curved bezel, Décor provides an exclusive image with the ambience of a classic and decorative style, enriching the overall atmosphere.  more

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