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Electronic safes



The Infinity Collection is the result of Elsafes over 20 years of electronic safe leadership.

The Infinity Collection's aesthetically pleasing Danish design, ergonomically curved profile and attractive 2-tone color, will make your guests appreciate the innovative styling as much as they do the advanced security platform. But don't let Infinity's beauty fool you. The solid, heavy-gauge steel construction of the Infinity body is designed to last forever, so it never needs replacing, even if you upgrade the electronic components. The unique modular concept and re-programmable electronics allow you to easily customize features and upgrade to new access technologies simply by replacing the front panel. Infinity in-room safes are especially designed to maximize security and flexibility.  more






Not only are Elsafes Sentinel Series electronic safes a great value, they also offer the highest security, the most advanced features and the most reliable service in the security safe industry.

Elsafe's Sentinel™ feature the same aesthetically pleasing Danish design, ergonomically curved profile and attractive 2-tone styling. From the simple Smart Card-operated SmartKey™ safe to the more sophisticated Advanced™ digital safe model, your guests will appreciate Sentinel's innovative design as much as you will appreciate the affordability and functionality.

Even though Sentinel in-room safes offer a more practical selection of operational features, it never compromises on security. The Sentinel body is identical to the UL-listed platform of the more advanced Infinity™ Collection. 

Both models offer the same revolutionary physical security features, including a proprietary interlocking deadbolt mechanism, anti-tamper labyrinths, extended solid steel bolt hinges, and a one-piece cold-pressed steel door. more






Xtra electronic safe is a simple and efficient solution at a very affordable price.

When it comes to guestroom security, Elsafe has always been the choice of the smartest hoteliers around the globe.  Now weve made that choice even smarter, with Xtra electronic safes – a simple, efficient solution at a very affordable price.

With two distinctive security safe models to choose from, this exciting new series features sleek, contemporary styling; advanced digital electronics; solid steel construction; a proprietary quick-change battery system; anti-tamper labyrinths: and well-known Elsafe reliability.

Xtra includes the industrys leading audit trail system and Elsafes convenient handheld SafeLink controller. Both hotel safe models are designed to fit as easily into your budget as they do into your guestrooms. With our unparalleled security features and undisputed reputation as the industry leader, there is simply no smarter solution than Elsafe. more




The affordable choice for in-room security

The XA70 is a spacious floor-mounted safe that allows you to secure larger items, such as briefcases, laptops in its bag, and electronic equipment.

Based on the same product platform as Sentinel- & Xtra by Elsafe, XA70 is equipped with the same electronics and service device tools. Thus making XA70 available for a mixed installation with both Xtra- and/or Sentinel by Elsafe.

Standard features on XA70:
  • 4 digit user code
  • Battery operated (5 LR6/AA)
  • Left or right hinged door
  • Spring loaded door
  • Industry leading audit trail
  • Outside battery change
  • Flash RAM
  • Rental system Code Activator
  • Dark Grey color (RAL 7021)
  • more
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