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Hotel Accessories

The VingCard Room Number Plate is available in the same style and finish as the VingCard card lock ensuring uniform appearance on guestroom doors. The plates can also be enlarged to use on other doors, such as Private, Conference Room, Swimming Pool etc., and as indication for corridors, i.e. 201-229. Our Room Number Plates can be customized to suit any environment.

Energy saving “main-switch”, especially designed for use in hotelrooms, cabins and institutions, by combining the ordinary hoteldoor "Key-card" with a «main-switch» for "on or off" operation of lights in the room.

Our Door Retainer prevents entry of intruders and increases the guest's safety. A door retainer is a minimum requirement needed to obtain safe identification from strangers at your door.

When you install a Door Viewer, your guest's will be able to identify who is outside before opening the door. VingCard's high quality UL-approved Door Viewer with glass lens has a super wide 200° all round clear angle of view

With the VingCard Bathroom Lock you can uniform the room with the same style and finish as the VingCard guest-room lock. The lock has an occupancy indicator and a thumb turn, and it is easy to change the lock case handing from left to right.

Sargent to provide a complete Exit Device to work with your VingCard electronic card locking system. This makes it possible to use encoded cards to control all guest and staff access to the building, while providing a panic exit device to satisfy all safety considerations for emergency exit. Opening the door from the inside is achieved by simply pushing the push bar.

The VingCard 1000-series classic cylinder locks are designed to complement the VingCard Classic product line. With these locks, we provide a uniform look throughout the property from main entry to bathroom doors. The locks are available in both ANSI and EURO standards and the finishes as for the VingCard keycard operated locks.

This independent unit provides access control on common doors, such as vehicle barriers, health clubs, conference suites, staff entrances or guest night entrances. VingCard's Remote Controller is fully compatible with VingCard card locking systems.

VingCard's Elevator Controller is designed to fit into the elevator panel and operates offline. The security level of the hotel will increase, as only guests with a valid keycard will have access to the elevators.

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