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SecuriPro® - the modular fire alarm system

SecuriPro® - the new system
SecuriPro® is THE new security system for constructing high-quality fire alarm systems. It consists of a new generation of fire alarm control panels, fire detectors (SecuriStar®) and new innovative operator panels.

SecuriPro® - the advantages

  • The system is adaptable and equally well suited for large and small installations. Costs can be kept low by avoiding "giant control panels".
  • No need for advance investments. The system is open-ended and therefore able to grow along with security requirements.
  • Optimum, short cable joints thanks to decentralised intelligence, prompt response to detected events.
  • Possibility to easily connect the entire SecuriStar® detector family, explosion-proof fire detectors and the special fire detectors SecuriRAS® and SecuriSens®.
  • Automatic detector addressing greatly simplifies commissioning and expansion.
  • Ring wiring provides security against interruption or malfunction due to short-circuiting or sabotage.
  • Cost-effective periodic maintenance thanks to self-monitoring and a user-friendly maintenance concept.
  • Extremely simple operation combined with the timeless perfection of the SecuriPro® design.
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